Beta Testing

Getting started with beta testing

Requirements for beta testing

Please update to the latest firmware version before installing the beta firmware.

Installing Beta Firmware

  1. Open the ML:2 Control Panel in your web browser
  2. Navigate to the Firmware Updates page
  3. Look for the light grey text “Beta Code”. Click on this text to reveal the Beta Code section.
  4. Enter the beta code provided to you and press the Check For Beta button
  5. A firmware update button should appear above the Beta Code section. Click this to start the firmware installation. Your ML:2 will restart once the firmware is installed.

Reverting Back to the Main Public Firmware

  1. Go to the Beta Code section of the Firmware Update page.
  2. Click the Clear Code button
  3. A firmware update button should appear that will revert your system back to the latest official firmware version.

Available Beta Releases

Beta Code: wifi

This beta adds some new features to the WiFi service.

  • Access Point Mode will now scan for a clear WiFi channel. This will be a channel with the least (hopefully zero) stations occupying it. This will happen automatically and there are no new settings.
  • A new mode: ML:2 will host an Access Point whilst also being connected to a WiFi station. This setting can be selected in the Access Point Settings page.

Steps to Test Station + Access Point

  1. Go to Access Point Settings and select “Connect to a network and create an access point.”
  2. Click Save Settings and ML:2 should reboot.
  3. Connect some of your Link devices to the ML:2’s WiFi access point and other devices to your home/studio network.
  4. Does everything sync up? Does the sync ever drift or does Link get dropped? Does ML:2 reboot unexpectedly? Can you load the web Control Panel or does it produce a blank page or error?

Note: Link information doesn’t seem to jump between ML:2’s access point and your home network. ML:2 bridges everything, but the Link number will not be correct. If you have 1 device on the home network and two connected to the ML:2 access point, the 1 device on the home network will report “1 Link.” While the devices on ML:2’s AP will report “2 links.” ML:2 is in the middle of it all, so it keeps the two Link networks sync’d up from what I’ve experienced.

Steps to Test Access Point Channel

  1. Boot in Access Point Mode by either removing any stored WiFi credentials on ML:2 or by forcing ML:2 in to AP Mode via the AP Settings page of the web control panel (screen shot above).
  2. Open the web control panel and scroll to the footer. The AP’s WiFi channel should be listed (It only prints if you are in AP Mode)
  3. Open the “Add WiFi” page. The WiFi stations will list their primary and secondary channels in the far-right columns. Your ML:2’s WiFi channel should most likely not be one of these channels… it is possible that a station is not found when scanning for channels, but then when you scan with the web page, it does find a station with the same station as ML:2’s channel… this means the station is probably very weak and far away… not a threat to interfering with your ML:2’s AP.

Questions to Answer

  • Are you still seeing WiFi disruption? e.g. Link getting dropped, ML:2’s web control panel inaccessible.

Known Issues

  • No known issues