Getting started with beta testing

Requirements for beta testing

Your Missing Link should be updated to the latest version of The Missing Link software before starting the beta testing. The current software/system versions should bet at version 1.2

Installing Beta Software

  1. Navigate your browser to the Missing Link Software Update page
  2. You will now see a “beta code” box just above the updater button
  3. Enter one of the beta codes listed below and then click that update button
  4. Missing Link will now download and install the dinsync beta then it will reboot your Missing Link.

Reverting Back to the Main Release

  1. Back in the Software Update page, delete the text in the “beta code” box
  2. Press the updater button, Missing Link will swap back to the 1.1 release and reboot

Available Beta Releases

Beta Code: mididev

Please see the “Known Issues” section for a note about reverting your beta install back to the main release…

This code installs a beta build for supporting:

  • Plugging The Missing Link in to a MIDI host (such as a computer or hardware MIDI distribution box with a USB host port)
  • Hosting multiple USB MIDI devices via a USB Hub plugged in to The Missing Link

Connecting and Testing USB MIDI Host

  1. With The Missing Link unplugged, plug a micro USB cable in to the “USB” port (not the 5V Power port). Plug the other end of the cable in to your USB host (computer, hardware host).
  2. The Missing Link will boot and connect to your network
  3. Select “MIDI Gadget” from MIDI sources menu of your MIDI host application.
  4. Press play on The Missing Link to send a Start Transport to your MIDI host.
  5. If your devices fall out of sync, send another Start Transport by holding the encoder knob down and then pressing the play button.

Connecting and Testing USB Hub

  1. With The Missing Link unplugged, plug a USB hub in to The Missing Link’s USB port. (It is best to plug in the hub before turning on The Missing Link)
  2. Plug USB power in to the 5v Power port
  3. Missing Link boots up
  4. Plug in USB MIDI devices to the USB hub
  5. Set up your MIDI devices to receive sync
  6. Press the Play button on The Missing Link to send a Start Transport
  7. All of your MIDI devices should start playing in time.


  • When plugged in to a MIDI host, it will send MIDI clock and Start/Stop transport commands to the host
  • When a USB hub is plugged in to The Missing Link MIDI clock will be sent to all devices connected to the hub.

Things To Test

  • What does your MIDI Host list The Missing Link as? In my testing with Ableton Live it is listed as “MIDI Gadget”. Could you let me know how it appears in your application? I am trying to give it a more meaningful name, but it may not be possible. Is the naming OK for you as is?
  • Run off USB MIDI Host’s power Does The Missing Link run as expected over a long period of time? Expected Results: Reliable performance over a 1 hour session of continuous use with The Missing Link and your host, starting and stopping the clock as needed, but not powering down The Missing Link.
  • Power with 5v USB power Try the same testing above but this time first power The Missing Link via 5v USB Power supply and then plug The Missing Link in to a USB host. Try plugging and unplugging The Missing Link from the host. Expected results: USB Power from the 5v Power jack should keep The Missing Link running, Missing Link shouldn’t freeze or stop functioning when unplugging/plugging.
  • Missing Link hosting multiple USB MIDI devices via USB hub Do the devices all play in sync or is there too much offset between each of the devices? Does The Missing Link continue to operate if you unplug one or more of the USB MIDI devices from the hub?

Known Issues

  • Reverting back to the main release will break MIDI support. But don’t panic! There’s a fix. This beta makes a couple changes to the system. Reverting the software back to the main release version will not undo those changes (I will fix that in the future!). To fix it now, I have yet another beta code rm_midi that will run a script as part of its install that will revert those changes. Once the system reboots you can then revert back to the main release.
  • The Missing Link is listed generically as “MIDI Gadget” in MIDI sources list. I am trying to fix this so it will say “The Missing Link”.
  • Plugging a USB hub in to The Missing Link while it is powered on can cause a power drop to The Missing Link that makes The Missing Link reboot. It is best to plug in the hub before you boot up. There’s nothing I can do to fix this hardware issue.