Jam together wirelessly with modular synths,
drum machines, and iOS music apps

Desktop Modular Clock Generator with Ableton Link Integration


The Missing Link brings Ableton Link to the analog world. Connect The Missing Link’s clock output to your rack of modular synths or desktop sequencers and drum machines to keep your hardware in sync with other Ableton Link-enabled software and hardware. Now it is effortless to get jamming with iOS music apps and synchronize with DJ and VJ software that support Ableton Link. This box can also create its own WiFi network for hosting the wireless jam session. Plug in a USB battery pack and take all of your battery-powered noise-makers to the park to jam with your friends!

Easy WiFi Setup

When you first boot up The Missing Link it won’t know about your home or studio WiFi network. Once it detects that there is no netork connection The Missing Link will go in to “Access Point Mode” where it will become its own WiFi router. You then connect your mobile or desktop computer to The Missing Link’s WiFi access point, open a browser to a web page hosted on The Missing Link, and configure it to connect to your home or studio WiFi netork. The Missing Link reboots and it will now know how to get on to your network.

Just power it up, connect to the WiFi, and start jamming!

  • Ableton Link integration for wireless sync with compatible devices
  • 5V clock output with user-setable PPQN (pulses per quarter note)
  • 5V pulse output at the start of loop
  • Push encoder for editing user settings (tempo, PPQN, Loop size)
  • Tap tempo for quickly setting tempo
  • Built on a Raspberry Pi Zero W platform with custom circuits for the interface and analog outputs
  • Built-in web interface for easily connecting to your WiFi network
  • Can be powered by any 5V USB power source including USB batteries!
  • Open source software and hardware designs



Getting started with The Missing Link

Click here  to learn more about how to operate your Missing Link


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