Beta Testing

Getting started with beta testing

Requirements for beta testing

Please update to the latest firmware version before installing the beta firmware.

Installing Beta Firmware

  1. Open the ML:2 Control Panel in your web browser
  2. Navigate to the Firmware Updates page
  3. Look for the light grey text “Beta Code”. Click on this text to reveal the Beta Code section.
  4. Enter the beta code provided to you and press the Check For Beta button
  5. A firmware update button should appear above the Beta Code section. Click this to start the firmware installation. Your ML:2 will restart once the firmware is installed.

Reverting Back to the Main Public Firmware

  1. Go to the Beta Code section of the Firmware Update page.
  2. Click the Clear Code button
  3. A firmware update button should appear that will revert your system back to the latest official firmware version.

Available Beta Releases

Beta Code: tempo

Hold the + or – buttons down and the tempo will increment or decrement. The tempo change will accelerate as you continue to hold the button down.

Steps to Test

  1. Press Play to start the clock
  2. Press and hold the + or – button
  3. Observe the tempo increasing or decreasing

Questions to Answer

  • Do the buttons behave how you wish they would? Does the tempo change accelerate fast enough or too fast whilst you hold the +/- button down?
  • Did the firmware update change any settings unexpectedly? e.g. Output A’s PPQN value was set to 16 PPQN before the firmware update, after the update is was 4 PPQN

Known Issues

  • No known issues