MissingLink-xxxx.local does not work on my Windows web browser

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To access your Missing Link Web Control Panel you need to enter the URL http://MissingLink-xxxx.local/

“.local” web addresses requires Multicast DNS (aka Apple’s Bonjour). Windows does not come with this by default. Apple makes Bonjour Print Services for Windows which installs Multicast DNS.

After you install this you will be able to access your Missing Link via the MissingLink-xxxx.local URL.

Alternatives to installing Multicast DNS

If you are setting up The Missing Link while in its Access Point Mode

If your Missing Link is in Access Point Mode and your Android device is connected to the MissingLink-xxxx network, then the IP address will connect to the Web Control Panel.

After your Missing Link is connected to your own WiFi network

Once The Missing Link is connected to your own WiFi network it will no longer have a known IP address. You will need to configure your WiFi router to give The Missing Link a dedicated IP address.

  1. Go to your WiFi router’s administration page
  2. Find the list of clients connected to your netowork
  3. Enter in a static IP address for The Missing Link

You can now bookmark that IP address in your web browser to access The Missing Link’s Web Control Panel.