We make noisey, blinky things for you!

Circuit Happy was founded in 2017 by Ed Guild as a way to both create new electronic hardware and to design and build custom electronics installations. Ed’s background in electronic music, live performance, and graphic design gives him a visual and musical perspective when approaching the design of electronics.

Ed has DJ’d, VJ’d, and performed with bands since 2001. He first got involved with bands to explore live video projecting, aka, being a Video Jockey (VJ). From there he got more and more interested in live and studio sound technology. He is especially interested in groups that bring the studio to the stage, using unorthodox gear that is normally not used on stage. The natural progression is now to create hardware for music and light-making.

Ed teams up with various talented friends to fill out the required skill set of the project.


Nick Donaldson

Projects: The Missing Link

Nick is the technical consultant on The Missing Link project. But that title falls short of describing how crucial Nick was to this project. Nick took on writing most of the C++ code base for Missing Link along with aiding and guiding me through the circuit board design for Missing Link. Needless to say, Missing Link would not have happened if Nick wasn’t on board.